Published maps

This page collects published resources with disease maps developed within or outside the community effort, provides links to browsable online diagrams and to downloads. In each case, the available formats are listed.


Resource: Atlas of Cancer Signalling Network
Contact: Inna Kuperstein, Institut Curie, Paris, France
Online access:
Formats: CellDesigner (.xml), BioPAX (.owl), HGNC names (.gmt), image (.png)
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Parkinson's disease

Resource: Parkinson's disease map
Contact: Stephan Gebel, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, Belval, Luxembourg
Online access:
Formats: CellDesigner (.xml)
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Resource: Influenza Life Cycle Pathway Map (FluMap)
Contact: Yukiko Matsuoka, ERATO KAWAOKA Infection-induced Host Responses Project,
in collaboration with the Systems Biology Institute, Tokyo, Japan
Online access:
Dowloads: Matsuoka et al., 2013, Supplementary materials
Formats: CellDesigner (.xml), entities and reactions (.xlsx), image (.pdf)

Alzheimer's disease

Resource: AlzPathway
Contact: To be confirmed
Homepage: To be confirmed
Online access (2012):
Online access (2016):
Dowloads: Mizuno et al., 2012, Supplementary materials
Formats: CellDesigner (.xml), SBML (.xml), BioPAX (.owl), binary-relation notation (.sif), image (.png)