Pathway Commons

Pathway Commons is a collaboration between the Bader Lab at the University of Toronto, the Sander Lab at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School and the Demir Lab at Oregon Health & Science University.

Pathway Commons aims to collect and disseminate biological pathway and interaction data. Data is collected from partner databases and is represented in the BioPAX standard.

Pathway Commons does not compete with or duplicate efforts of pathway databases or software tool providers. Pathway Commons will add value to these existing efforts by providing a shared resource for publishing, distributing, querying, and analyzing pathway information. Existing database groups will provide pathway curation, Pathway Commons will provide a mechanism and the technology for sharing.

In partnership with the Disease Maps Projects and WikiPathways, Pathway Commons is interested in exploring the concept of reusable pathway/network modules as a technology for an efficient exchange of network information and avoiding duplicated efforts.

Gary Bader Gary Bader, PhD
University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Professor at the Donnelly Centre
Chris Sander Chris Sander, PhD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, US
Harvard Medical School, Boston, US

Director of the cBio Center at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute,
Professor of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School
Emek Demir Emek Demir, PhD
Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, US
Assistant Professor, Molecular and Medical Genetics