With the increasing availability of high dimension data in the fields of drug discovery, biomedicine and healthcare, a key challenge is the ability to connect the disparate data sources, discover the right analytics tools for a specific analysis and navigate through interoperable analytics to provide executable insights.

Garuda is an open community-driven platform that provides a framework to discover, connect and navigate through different applications on devices as well as in the cloud, with applications in biology and beyond.

With programmable interfaces in multiple languages, Garuda allows existing tools, databases and visualisation systems to be "garudified" as gadgets on Garuda platform, allowing them to connect and inter-operate in various workflows, called Garuda recipes.

Various disease maps and resources can be connected to the Garuda platform and enable the construction of diverse workflows for simulation, network analytics and visualisation. One example is the Garuda simple gadgets for ACSN and NaviCell websites.


Samik Ghosh Samik Ghosh, PhD
The Systems Biology Institute, Tokyo, Japan
Senior Scientist, the Leader of the GARUDA project